Can you find them all?
The Official 2024 Duck Hunt
is Coming Soon.

What the Duck?

Here’s the 411 about Duck Hunt 419

The Duck Hunt 419 is simple. There are ducks hidden all around the 419. In conjunction with Toledo Jeep Fest, Advance Advertising, and Drive Creative Marketing, rubber ducks are up for grabs. Sponsors in the 419 have joined the hunt and have hidden ducks at their restaurant or business for you to find. When you find a duck you get a duck. They are all unique so you will want to try to collect them all.

Once you find a duck, scan the QR code to register for weekly drawings and for the grand prize drawing.

You do not need to own a Jeep to play.

  • Visit the business participating in the hunt

  • Find the duck at each location

  • Collect your duck from that business

  • Take a selfie or tag yourself with a picture of the duck at the location

  • Scan the QR code for weekly give-a ways and the grand prize

Extreme Sports Mountain Climbing
Duck. Duck. Swag.

You can’t be on the hunt if you aren’t wearing proper gear.

Let everyone know you are on the hunt with this EXCLUSIVE Duck Hunt 419 shirt. Available in short sleeve.

Duck, Duck, Join

How do you join the hunt?

Anyone can join the hunt; you don’t NEED to have a Jeep. Here’s all you have to do. Simply visit one of the participating sponsors and find the duck. The duck may be hidden. The duck may be part of a special that they are offering. Once you find the duck, collect your duck. It’s that simple. Once you find your first duck, snap a photo. Tag yourself at the location you found the duck and come back here to register for a chance to win the Grand Slam Prize or one of the weekly give-a ways. Then the hunt is on for the next one.

Will you be able to collect them all?

Here is where people found them
during the Official 2023 Duck Hunt.

Duck, Duck, Win

What can you take home?

Finding ducks can payoff.  Once you find a duck, register and you are entered to win fabulous weekly prizes including Duck Hunt Swag and Gift Cards to local Toledo Businesses!

Find Them All

Find Them All

Sponsor Ducks

How can your business become part of the hunt?

Becoming a sponsor is easy. Contact us at 419-389-1198 and we will be happy to meet with you to go over your duck options and what it takes.